Architecture Control Committee
Architectural Control Committee
Chair:Kathy Rocha
Members: Robert Schultz, Carlos Cavazos, Dr. Jose Gomez, Eric Sanders, Yvette Reyna
Please contact the ACC during your planning phase for any construction on, or modifications to, an empty lot or exterior of an existing residence or other buildings, including significant landscape improvements or changes to lot drainage, e.g., new roofs, pool, fencing, lot leveling, etc..
Contact Info
Questions: Contact the ACC
If required, send physical documents to:
Serene & Scenic Hills HOA - ACC
c/o Trio Homeowners Association Management
17806 IH 10 West, Suite 300
San Antonio, TX 78255
  • Covenants & Bylaws
  • Approval Request/Construction Checklist
As specified in the Covenants,
The goal of the ACC is to encourage the construction of improvements of good architectural design, quality and proper size compatible with other structures constructed in the Properties. Improvements should be planned and designed with particular attention to the design and aesthetic appearance of the exterior and the use of such materials as will, in the judgment of the Committee, create an attractive and harmonious blend with existing Dwellings and the natural surroundings. The Committee may disapprove the construction or design of an improvement on purely aesthetic grounds where, in its judgment, such disapproval is required to protect the continuity of design or values of the neighborhood and of other homeowners, or to preserve the serenity and natural beauty of any surroundings. Prior judgments regarding such matters of design or aesthetics shall not be deemed binding upon the Architectural Control Committee if such Committee feels that the repetition of such matters will have an adverse effect on the properties.
The Committee shall function as the representative of the Owners for the purposes herein set forth as well as for all purposes consistent with the creation and preservation of a first class development. No Improvement, as that term is defined in Article I of this Declaration, shall be erected, constructed, placed, altered (either by addition or deletion), maintained or permitted to remain on any portion of The Properties until plans and specifications, in such form and detail as the Committee may deem necessary, shall have been submitted to and approved in writing by such Committee. The Architectural Control Committee shall have the power to employ professional consultants to assist it in discharging its duties. The decision of the Architectural Control Committee shall be final, conclusive, and binding upon the applicant.