History & Purpose
As you wind along a hilltop road you will find the perfect escape from the city, Serene and Scenic Hills Estates. Spanning over 250 acres, our community has custom homes built on lots of over half an acre to nearly five acres, with many homes having breathtaking views of the Texas Hill Country. Our residents live in harmony with wildlife and believe in the preservation of the natural environment. Our community is conveniently located between Boerne, a quaint German town, and San Antonio, a metropolis of culture and history. We are minutes away from an abundance of restaurants, retail shops, spas, country clubs, resorts and area attractions. Our HOA is managed by a Board of Directors, which is made-up of homeowners that volunteer their time to preserve the integrity of our community. If you have an interest in being a member of our Covenants Committee, Social Committee or Architectural Control Committee please contact one of our Board of Directors.
As stated in the Bylaws, "the purpose of this non-profit organization is to provide a community forum to enable the residents of Serene Hills and Scenic Hills to improve the quality of life in these subdivisions. The specific goals of the Association include but are not limited to the following:
Prepare and distribute a map and directory of Serene Hills and Scenic Hills to all members, to be updated periodically;
To provide a forum for members to discuss and resolve problems and issues affecting life and property in Serene Hills and Scenic Hills;
Provide a forum for political action in support of, or in opposition to, action by government at any level which could or would affect life or property in Serene Hills and Scenic Hills;
Open new avenues of social and cultural communication among members;
Establish a communication network for use in the event of an emergency or catastrophe;
Establish a committee for periodic review of the restrictive covenants and conditions pertaining to the Serene Hills and Scenic Hills Subdivisions."
Neighborhood History
In late 1969 Ed Huddleston purchased the land and began development of Serene Hills.  The roads were named after Charlotte Barrett's American Saddlebred horses and her sons (Marc and Osborn).  The Barrett property is one of the subdivision's adjoining properties.  The subdivision started with five houses in 1972 and on top of the hill as you enter the subdivision was a recreation area composed of a pool, tennis court, and picnic area.  Huddleston sold his remaining properties to Mr. Sweeney around 1979.  Sweeney built a series of homes on Mahogany that were considered "prefab" housing at the time.  Mr. Sweeney ignored the mandates of the original covenants and converted the recreation area into a private residence, before anyone could, or would, object to this action. It quickly sold, and forever will remain a private residence. 
This action, combined with the emergence of Primarily Primates on a large piece of property which was not subject to adherence to restrictions limiting other lot owners, brought about the establishment of a Homeowners' Association. Original members included, Mr. George, Mr. Baker, Mrs. McNaney, Mr. Joiner and Mr. McLaren.  In 1995, a committee led by Drew Cavett sought to strengthen the covenants of both Serene Hills and Scenic Hills into a single document. The new covenants were approved by a majority of Serene Hills property owners, binding all Serene Hills properties and Scenic Hills signatories to the modern covenants and setting the stage for a modern HOA.