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Treasurer: Palmer Swails
Trio Homeowners Association Management provides financial management services for the Association.
Phone: 1-888-874-1978  (M-F, 9am-5pm)
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Serene & Scenic Hills HOA
c/o Trio Homeowners Association Management
17806 IH 10 West, Suite 300
San Antonio, TX 78255
(Use address below for dues payment by check.)
Annual Dues Payment Policies and Practices
Annual Dues - $36/lot are due 31 January for the current fiscal year 2017-2018.
Any payment received after 31 January will incur an administrative fee.  
(Note: 2018-2019 Dues will be invoiced in September and due by 31 October)
An annual statement containing portal login information was mailed directly to all property owners from Trio HOA Management.  If you don't have it, please contact Trio directly.
Since 2012 we have been fortunate enough to have virtually no non-payment enforcement actions by the Board and our attorneys. Please help us maintain this record by paying on time.
Dues Payment:
For electronic payment options or for questions, please login to your account:
For postal payments: 
Make checks payable to: Serene & Scenic Hills HOA
Send To:
Serene & Scenic Hills HOA
c/o Trio HOA Management Processing Center
P.O. Box 93683
Las Vegas, NV, 89193-3683
Responsibilities of the Treasurer include:
  • Preparing an annual budget and presenting it for approval at the annual meeting
  • Maintaining the bank account and handling all income and expenses
  • Coordinate with Trio HOA Management for sending invoices, statements and collecting payments.
  • Responding to requests from title companies for statements of account of individual owners who want to sell their property.
In 2017, the Association contracted with Trio HOA Management to handle dues invoicing, payments and late notices.  This is a significant expense for the Association, but provides for continuity across years as members of our volunteer Board change, and brings the necessary level of record keeping and process rigor required by state regulations.
About Trio Homeowners Association Management:
Trio Homeowners Association Management (Trio) offers professional HOA management services in San Antonio tailored to meet the individual needs and budget of each community they serve. HOA Management services are geared to provide homeowners and Boards with instant access 24/7 through web-based services built around associations' specific needs. Trio offers various levels of management services, allowing them to tailor to the unique needs of small homeowner associations and the challenges that self-managed associations may face in operating the association. They currently handle all bookkeeping and financial responsibilities for Serene and Scenic Hills HOA. They also serve as our primary point of contact and provide operational assistance as needed.