Covenants & Restrictions
Covenant & Restrictions
To report violations or make covenant inquiries, please contact
The Covenants and By-Laws are available under the Documents tab.

As stated in the By-Laws for Serene & Scenic Hills, the purpose of the Covenant & Restrictions Standing Committee is to:

  • Compile a list of covenants and conditions that attach to any of the lots in Serene & Scenic Hills.  We have had this current document  since 1995, authored by property owners and voted on by all owners. It is called the “Supplemental Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, And Restrictions For The Scenic Hills Subdivision and Serene Hills Subdivision of Bexar County Texas”.   
  • Monitor the adherence of lot owners to these Covenants and Restrictions.

The need for restrictions and covenants is to enhance and improve the neighborhood, maintain a certain level of excellence, and to promote property values as a result.   These Covenants and Restrictions “run with the land”.

A friendly reminder from the Covenants & Restrictions are the most common violations in our community:
  1. Excessive barking by dogs that disturb neighbors is considered a "nuisance" and a violation
  2. Loose dogs. Dogs must be on the owner's property or on a leash.
Lot Maintenance..
  1. Owners of vacant lots may not use the lot for storage or any other purpose, other than new home construction.  Empty lots must be kept empty and not used to store brush and other unsightly items.
  2. Trailers, boats, recreational vehicles and motor vehicles cannot be kept, parked, stored or maintained on a dwelling lot IF it is inoperable, junked, wrecked or stripped down.
  3. Trailers, boats, tents and recreational vehicles cannot be kept, parked, stored or maintained on any unsurfaced portion of the front yard in front of the house building line UNLESS they are on pavement, cement, pavers or asphalt.
Exterior Additions/Changes...
  1. Additions or changes to/of main dwelling, outbuildings, roofs, fences, driveways, outdoor security/landscape lighting, solar, etc., must be preapproved by the Architectural Control Committee.
Fireworks, Firearms, and Hunting
  1. Discharge of fireworks is prohibited.
  2. Discharge of any firearm (including pellet and BB guns) is prohibited
  3. Hunting is prohibited, including bow hunting.
If you have any questions, want to report a violation or you are interested in being on the Covenants Committee please contact us.