2018 Annual Meeting Notice
The 2018 Annual Meeting was held from 4-6PM on October 28th, at the La Hacienda Scenic Loop Restaurant.
Due to the low turnout a quorum was not established. A new meeting has been scheduled from 4-6PM on December 2nd, at the ESD 4 Fire Station, 28036 Boerne Stage Road.
PLEASE...if you cannot attend, assign or mail in the Proxy vote form you received in the mail.  Your vote is critical to allowing the new Board to be elected and to continue supporting the needs of the Association.
You also have the opportunity to vote on reducing the number of members required for a quorum in the future.  The new proposed number tracks closely with the turnout we have experienced in the past at annual meetings. This vote only allows for a smaller quorum to formalize the meeting, it does not change the requirement for modifying the bylaws.
If you have any questions, please contact the HOA President via the email link above.

Dues Payments
In 2017, the Association contracted with Trio HOA Management to handle dues invoicing, payments and late notices.  This is a significant expense for the Association, but provides for continuity across years as members of our volunteer Board change, and implements the necessary level of record keeping and process rigor required by state regulations.
Annual Dues - $36/lot are due 31 January for the current fiscal year.   Any payment received after 31 January will incur an administrative fee.  
An annual statement containing portal login information was mailed directly to all property owners from Trio HOA Management.  If you don't have it, please contact Trio directly: 
phone: 1-888-874-1978  (M-F, 9am-5pm)
For electronic payment options or for questions, please login to your account: www.TrioHOA.com
For postal payments: 
Make checks payable to: Serene & Scenic Hills HOA
Send To:
Serene & Scenic Hills HOA
c/o Trio HOA Management Processing Center
P.O. Box 93683
Las Vegas, NV, 89193-3683
Since 2012 we have been fortunate enough to have virtually no non-payment enforcement actions by the Board and our attorneys. Please help us maintain this record by paying on time.

Bexar County Burn Ban
You must have a permit from the Bexar County Fire Marshall to burn AT ANY TIME.  See Rules document below for guidance.

Neighborhood Weather
Weather Underground PWS KTXSANAN16
Courtesy of Roland Garcia, Jr.

Social Events Calendar
Volunteers are always needed to help with these fun events for our neighborhood.  If you are interested please contact the President.
  • October 31, 2020 (Saturday) – Halloween Hayride & Trick-or-Treat (5PM)

Annual Meeting
2020 Board of Directors:
President:                  Yvette Reyna
Secretary:                  Steven Herrera
Treasurer:                  Palmer Swails
Member at Large:       Roland Garcia
Member at Large:      Laura Biemer

Board Meeting Notices
Time/Location: 4PM @ ESD 4 Fire Station at 28036 Boerne Stage Road
Past Notices:
5 May 2019
4 August 2019
6 October 2019
3 November 2019
All Membership Meeting - Sunday, December 1, 2019
Past Notices:
29 Apr 2018, 4PM
7 Jan 2018, 4PM
24 Oct 2017, 7PM, Boerne Stage Road Fire Station
31 Jan 2017, 7PM, 26402 Dull Knife Trail
26 May 2016, 7PM, 26402 Dull Knife Trail
23 August 2016, 7PM, 26402 Dull Knife Trail
12 January 2016, 7PM, 26402 Dull Knife Trail
27 October 2015, 7PM, 26402 Dull Knife Trail
6 October 2015, 7PM, 26402 Dull Knife Trail
18 August 2015, 7PM, 26402 Dull Knife Trail
18 June 2015, 7PM, 26402 Dull Knife Trail
January 2015, 7PM, 26402 Dull Knife Trail
28 September 2014 - ANNUAL Meeting at Scenic Loop Cafe
28 August 2013, 7PM at 25903 Dull Knife Trail
26 June 2013, 7PM at 25903 Dull Knife Trail